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Coming up: Instafreebie e-book giveaway

For those of you who haven't heard of it, Instafreebie is a great place to find erotic fiction e-books at no cost. I'm stoked to be part of their big May LGBT giveaway "Somewhere Over the Rainbow", where from May 1 through May 25, you can get your hands on a wide range of hot stroke fiction e-books for the unbeatable price of... free.

I'll have three short e-book singles up for grabs: The Stragglers, Double-Dipping, and In-Store Pickup. Each one is based on a short story originally posted on my Tumblr, lightly revised and reworked for the e-book format. These are some of the stories I've been proudest of lately, featuring a variety of characters, connections and scenarios.

The Stragglers tells the story of Aiden, a college freshman still working out who he is and what he wants. Looking for a little end-of-semester relief and release, he encounters fellow freshman Cooper, and discovers something much bigger and more satisfying than he expected.

In Double-Dipping, Ethan gets an up-close Halloween encounter with the new neighbor who's been occupying his thoughts a whole lot lately.

And In-Store Pickup, bored young husband Drew is stuck in Florida for the Thanksgiving holiday with a pregnant wife, an unsatisfied libido, and nothing to do. A solo trip to the mall leads to a chance encounter with hot young sports-store salesman Brice, and a whole lot more besides.

You can pick all three up in the May giveaway, in formats for any kind of e-reader application. While you're there, I also highly recommend you pick up the six e-books by my good buddies and fellow writers J. Mercury Jones and Sween McDervish - The Rut, In Like a Lion, Silverbacks, Speed of Light, The Fit, and Stag (which comes with sexy original artwork by my talented buddy Graham Groans, who I'll be working with on a big future project that I'm very excited to get into).

Meantime, I'm working on special expanded editions of the above three tales, featuring extended adventures, deeper connections, and of course, even more sex. Stay tuned for more details on those. Until then, make sure to get your free copies on Instafreebie, and happy reading!


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