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Welcome, everyone

Welcome to the new online home for my erotic M/M fiction. I've been writing for some time now, mostly for my own amusement, pursuing a long-held dream of trying to convey the hot fantasies that play out in the back of my mind. I got my start writing for my Tumblr, crafting short-story "captions" for pictures that stirred my interest and spurred my imagination. From there, I started publishing the stories to Nifty, fulfilling another small ambition of mine. Over time, my stories have grown in length, depth and scope, and after much encouragement from friends, fans and readers, I've decided to push myself that little bit more, and start promoting my work to wider audiences.

I came of age right around the time the internet was becoming a thing, and one of the first things I gravitated to was the sudden proliferation of hot erotic stories. I've always been a fan of the form, and I still treasure my dog-eared paperback collections of gay erotic stories, by the likes of Lars Eighner, R.J. March, Phil Jackson, and many others. I've always loved the way a well-written story can really take you someplace that lets you create the picture of an encounter in your mind. Sure, a writer can have a very specific vision, a very clear notion of how the characters look and touch and interact and talk to each other, but there's always space in the reader's mind to add their own flourishes and grace notes. It's encouraging to see that in the era of instant porn, where a hot clip of some intense, sweaty action is just a few clicks away, the art of the well-written story still survives. Maybe the medium is a little different now, the way you access the work, and the "industry" sure is different. But still - we're all here, right? The work lives on, and if anything, it's become more available, more easily within reach, more democratized.

So... what can you expect here, from me and this site? I'll be letting you know where you can find my work, in single-story and anthology formats. Some of it will be free e-books, some of it will be single stories published elsewhere, some of it will be deeply crafted longer works unavailable anywhere else that you can get for a nominal, extremely reasonable price. I'll be writing about men of all kinds, from all walks of life, encountering each other in a variety of circumstances and settings, all looking for that singular connection that men can share when the moment is right, the stars align, and the clothes come off. I've got some big things in store, some subjects I've been wanting to write about for some time, and I'm excited to share what I'm working on with you.

Thanks for joining me on this adventure. I'm looking forward to a fun, sexy, exciting ride for you and me both. Stay tuned for much more to come...


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